Rogz Classic Quick Fit Boomerang Dog Harness




This is a simple, easy to attach harness that does not come loose. It has a double hook at the top to ensure the latch never comes apart and the associated force is not on the buckle. Great for a medium size dog or where you have trouble attaching a harness. Quick and easy to fit.

Its important to get the right size for your dog, so read the measurements and get the correct harness.


Girth Measurement: With your dog standing, measure the Girth which is the widest area around the dogs ribcage. This harness is not adjustable, check the size guide below prior to purchase. 

XX Small: Webbing Width 1.2cm, Girth 32cm, Weight 1-3kg

X Small: Webbing Width 1.2cm, Girth 36cm, Weight 3-4kg

Small: Webbing Width 1.6cm, Girth 41cm, Weight 4-5kg

Small/Medium: Webbing Width 1.6cm, Girth 47cm, Weight 5-6kg

Medium: Webbing Width 2cm, Girth 52cm, Weight 6-7kg

Medium/Large: Webbing Width 2cm, Girth 58cm, Weight 7-9kg

Large: Webbing Width 2cm, Girth 63cm, Weight 9-14kg


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